Professional Edge / GeoVario Hosting, OFFLINE

Unfortunately as you are seeing this page, you have come during the time of the worst hardware failure in our company's history.

The website you are expecting, or the email account you were trying to reach went offline at roughly 4:45pm PST 11/23/2015; after we experienced a cascade hardware problem that affected our Storage Area Network disk arrays.

At this time, all static files, email accounts and most of our web and application servers are offline, database servers were not affected, but without application and web servers the content is not reachable - we are actively working to restore service, however between expiditing replacement parts and time to restore from backups we are expecting services to restore by roughly 6am PST, November 26th.

We are very aware this has been a huge problem for everyone, we apologize greatly and continue to work to restore service as quickly as possible.

UPDATES: 2:00pm PST 11/25/2015 - all failed hardware has been replaced and all logical data has finished restore process. NameServer (DNS) services are restored.

CRITICAL!!!: 6:48pm PST 11/25/2015 - a time drift/snapshot bug in the various backups has made full recovery impossible. We highly suggest if you are using an email client such as Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.. that you use the "Local Folders", "Personal Folders", etc.. to make a copy of any EMAIL in your IMAP inbox. A large number of existing emails in the IMAP inboxes have been affected by the outage, and as email is not something that we do daily backups of - we can not restore any email in your inbox. Please create a "Local or Personal Folder" and drag and drop all email from your IMAP inbox into a local folder stored on your machine. NOTE if you use POP3 you should already be storing data locally on your machine, and no action is required.

Professional Edge LLC