At Professional Edge Hosting, we provide services with the highest uptime possible, fast storage based on SSD disks, the latest generations of CPU (processors) and large amounts of RAM; all while still allowing you to have the customized software your site needs.  We do this by providing you all the underlying tools required to select the correct prerequisite software layers you need, with the reliability of our Cloud Architecture.

For a large portion of small and medium business customers, this means a “LAMP” stack Linux Apache Mysql and Php.

If your web software has logos like these – you need a “LAMP” account.

NOTE: As you browse below, you’ll notice we don’t charge for CPU (processing time) – instead we believe it’s our job to make your website FAST! Because the faster your customers or users get content from your site, the more people will see you content and share your site; so our billing is based on “Traffic”.

* Traffic may be a bit confusing but if you have a web page that is 2MB in size (many pictures) that means even our smallest plan would serve ~7,500 pages per month… and if you site is too popular, what happens?  You get a warning that your bill will be higher than expected, we don’t shut down your site – EVER.  You are in control.

Basic LAMP, best for blogging sites, photo sharing, and small forums, also includes multiple domains, which means you can host multiple websites inside each account. (Comparable to most other providers “VPS” Virtual Private Server – but with the full scale of large servers with many CPU cores and lots of RAM)

Price Plan Type Domains Traffic* Disk MySQL eCommerce Ready
$9.00/mo. Basic 1 2 15GB 7.5GB 250MB No
$19.00/mo. Basic 2 5 25GB 15GB 500MB No
$39.00/mo. Basic 3 13 40GB 22.5GB 1GB Yes (1 Dedicated)

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Premium LAMP, are ready for most business needs, they are eCommerce Ready, either buy the SSL/TLS security certificate through our re-sellers, or bring your own, our servers are regularly scanned for PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, these are also great for medium sized forums, or larger wordpress or drupal sites that require fast reliable MySQL backends; or if you are using CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) and your “source server” can’t keep up, these are the plans for you.  (Comparable to most other providers Dedicated Private Servers – but with full redundancy due to Cloud Architecture)

Price Plan Type Domains Traffic* Disk MySQL eCommerce Ready
$69.00/mo. Premium 1 Unlimited 90GB 30GB 4GB Yes (1 Dedicated)
$99.00/mo. Premium 2 Unlimited 270GB 52.5GB 6GB Yes (1 Dedicated)
$149.00/mo. Premium 3 Unlimited 400GB 100GB 10GB Yes (2 Dedicated)

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Premium Plus LAMP, here’s where we really outshine the competition; looking at stats these plans compare to the largest Dedicated Private Servers or even some less than $5 a month “unlimited” plans, the difference?  These accounts really can deliver the largest forums, the most intensive wordpress sites – and do so with hundreds of thousands of active users, and every customer or user is getting nice fast reliable response.  This is what a well designed scaling Cloud Architecture can provide, and we do it for you – so you don’t need to deal with the hassle of figuring it all out yourself.  Just click the sign up button and use it.  These accounts can handle anything you can throw at them.

Price Plan Type Domains Traffic* Disk MySQL eCommerce Ready
$199.00/mo. Premium Plus 1 Unlimited 1000GB 250GB 40GB Yes (3 Dedicated)
$429.00/mo. Premium Plus 2 Unlimited 2750GB 640GB 80GB Yes (3 Dedicated)
$999.00/mo. Premium Plus 3 Unlimited 4500GB 1650GB 250GB Yes (5 Dedicated)

Click on the “Plan Type” you are interested in – to start the sign up process!

All plans include “ala-carte” pricing… if you need more Traffic (Bandwidth), Diskspace, Dedicated IPs for TLS/SSL, etc… Click Edit, change the value click submit and you will be asked to confirm the additional $$ you plan will cost per month.

opensrs_logoAll plans include the ability to buy new domains, transfer domains, etc. Costs vary but start as low as $13.99 per year for most domain types.

All plans include the ability to buy TLS/SSL security certificates, we include basic domain validation, business validation and extended validation. Costs again vary but start as low as $48 per year per domain.comodo

Please email us for any additional questions or give us a call Monday through Friday from 9am till 6pm – Pacific Time.

We are a DMCA compliant Hosting Provider, please review our Copyright Policy for more details.